Business Consultant - Software Solutions


Job description

Utilus is currently seeking a Business Consultant to join their rapidly growing Pathfinding practice. In this role, you will play a pivotal role in guiding clients through the initial stages of identifying and conceptualizing solutions to their software-related challenges. You will work closely with clients who may have legacy systems, require system enhancements, or even need to build software from scratch. The end result will be a simplified, cloud-native, efficient and adaptable system.

You work closely with both the end-users of the system as well as with the management team of the client. During the execution phase you will act as a project- or product manager.

Utilus put a high premium on creativity, as none of their engagements are standard: every situation is different and finding an optimal solution is a multi-dimensional challenge. The solutions they design are constrained by what works best for that particular client, for a specific budget. They do not have a pre-set solution based on a particular technology, cloud-provider, or framework. They do have deep knowledge of a diverse set of technologies, both within the company and within their extended network of partners.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Client Engagement: Work closely with prospective clients to understand their software-related challenges, goals, and requirements. Provide expert advice on potential solutions and engage in early-stage consulting.
  • Solution Design: Collaborate with clients and our internal teams to design simplified software solutions. Create one or more prototypes to demonstrate the proposed solution's feasibility and benefits.
  • Project Skeleton: Set up the foundational structure of the project, including defining project scope, objectives, timelines, and resource requirements. Provide clear documentation and guidance to initiate the execution phase successfully.


  • At least 4 years experience advising, designing and presenting solutions to senior/ C-level management team.
  • Experience with custom software development in a professional setting.
  • Outstanding communication skills with both internal and external team collaboration.
  • Experience with custom software development as developer or consultant.
  • The ideal candidate needs to speak fluent English, Dutch is a big plus.
  • Solid technical background or understanding.
  • A Master degree in CS, IT or related field.

Company description

Utilus is a fast growing and highly ambitious software delivery company. They design, build, manage and operate highly scalable and complex software projects in the heart of the primary business processes of their clients, including Tennet, Eneco, Dura Vermeer and Nederlandse Loterij. They are also actively involved in independent developments such as a platform for managing power network congestion, and a platform for managing zero-emission last mile delivery.

The 24/7 operations department makes sure that their systems process many billions of transactions a year, while constantly optimising the amount of resources used.

They work on sustainability by focusing mainly on assignments in the heart of the energy transition, but also by helping their clients replace dozens of so-called legacy systems with forward thinking, simple, cost-effective solutions for complex problems.

What they offer:

  • Impactful projects: Be part of a company that is revolutionizing industries and shaping the future of technology.
  • Collaborative culture: Work alongside brilliant minds, exchange ideas, and contribute to a dynamic and inclusive work environment.
  • Competitive compensation: Receive a generous salary package, including a yearly bonus up to 20% and comprehensive benefits.
  • Work-life balance: Benefit from flexible working hours and unlimited paid time off (PTO) allowing you to achieve harmony between your personal and professional life.
  • Personal development and learning opportunities, as we embrace growth mindset.






Matthijs Lemaire

Business Consultant - Software Solutions