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The Senior Financial Controller is responsible for setting up, executing and monitoring the annual budget cycle (incl. annual accounts), provides financial management information and ensures that the financial administration and payment processes are at all times accurate, compliant and complete.

The Senior Financial Controller reports to the Director People, Finance, & Operations and manages a team of approximately 4 financial officers, including the project controller, grant administration officers and the bookkeeper.

Job description

Drive financial (management) information:

  • Ensures timely and complete execution of the financial governance cycle, including the month-end close and year-end close process;
  • Monitors and ensures the accuracy and consistency of all financial data in financial systems and reports on any noted deviations and inconsistencies;
  • Prepares periodic financial overviews for the MT and the relevant operational teams. Informs and signals the MT of significant deviations to budget and analyses operational root causes and recommends mitigating actions;
  • Pro-actively signals deviations in the realisation of budget compared to the set goals and advises the MT/Board on measures and initiatives to be taken;
  • Provides input in the risk assessment process with regard to internal and external financial, legal and operational risks;
  • Consolidates data from various (financial) administrations and compiles annual accounts for the purpose of external accountability;
  • Oversees project control and ensures project management risks are addressed in close cooperation with the project controller and the operational teams responsible for project implementation;
  • Monitors timely delivery of deliverables by the financial officers reporting to the Senior Financial Officer and provides guidance where necessary.

Result: Financial information and data have been made available in such a way that stakeholders have good quality and useful financial and non-financial management information to be able to make timely decisions and adjustments, if needed.

Coordinate the annual budget cycle:

  • Drives the budget cycle and closely monitors the planning and execution;
  • Supports the MT and operational teams in preparing the team budgets; analyses the team budgets and constitutes the overall budget for decision making in the MT;
  • Monitors the implementation of the budget; analyses and assesses proposed changes for budgetary consequences during the current budget year;
  • Ensures the provision of regular financial reports to the MT, the Supervisory Board, operational teams and donors including analysis and relevant recommendations for follow-up.

Result: A correct and realistic annual budget, in compliance with financial regulations.

Coordinate the preparation of the Annual Report:

  • Informs the MT and Mama Cash about the Annual Report process, timeline and required actions for the preparation of the annual accounts;
  • Ensures financial data is accurate and complete for purposes of the preparation of the Annual Report;
  • Prepares the Annual Report including annual accounts, according to relevant accounting principles (RJ 640/650)., and ensures their timely review and approval by the MT and the Supervisory Board;
  • Coordinates the audit of the Annual Report by the relevant audit firm, and presents the audit report to the Supervisory Board. Coordinates the follow-up of audit recommendations.

Result: Correct, timely and complete annual accounts, in compliance with laws and regulations.


  • Checks if settlements (payment proposals) are correct and conform regulations/agreements and approves payments;
  • Monitors salary, pension, sick leave, and insurance data in coordination with the HR team;
  • Monitors and evaluates payment processes and systems for accuracy, compliance and completeness.

Result: Correct payments, in compliance with regulations and agreements.


Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Commitment to Mama Cash’s vision, mission and values including intersectional feminism, social and environmental justice, and the rights of intersex people, trans people, girls and women.
  • Education at university level degree or equivalent knowledge in economics, accounting or finance or related field;
  • Minimum 6 years of experience in accounting, financial controlling, financial planning or auditing, or related field;
  • Proven track record of preparing financial statements and reporting to organisational senior leadership on key financial metrics and reports;
  • Experience in leading (finance) department and coaching finance staff members;
  • Thorough knowledge of Dutch and international accounting standards and principles, especially Richtlijn Jaarverslaggeving 640 and 650;
  • Knowledge of data and process management systems (e.g. Salesforce) and related key internal controls;
  • Knowledge of Dutch NGO-relevant laws and regulations;
  • Communications and interpersonal skills (verbal and written English proficiency, proficiency in another working language of Mama Cash desirable) with the ability to interact with people from a wide diversity of backgrounds, cultures and working styles.
  • Computer literate (expert in MS Office and the bookkeeping system Exact);
  • Knowledge of planning and control principles;
  • Interpersonal and communication skills: sensitivity and appreciation for diverse viewpoints and different communication styles in a politically and culturally diverse environment;
  • Hands-on mentality: ability to replace the other financial officers in case of unavailability;
  • Lived experience of resisting injustice and different forms of systemic oppression including but not limited to sexism, racism, homo-antagonism, trans-antagonism, classism and/or disablism, and their intersections

Company description

Mama Cash supports women, girls, and trans and intersex people who fight for their rights. Activists who tirelessly and fearlessly make their voices heard. Who criticise oppressive or restrictive norms and practices, and lobby for fair laws. Who demand their political and economic rights, and insist on bodily autonomy. Together with these activists and our donors, we work towards a more just world for women, girls, and trans and intersex people.

Mama Cash was conceived around a kitchen table in Amsterdam in 1983. Since then, we have grown from a group of five feminist activists into an international fund that supports women’s, girls’, trans and intersex people’s movements around the world. Mama Cash can count on more than 40 very motivated and dedicated staff members and some volunteers.






Matthijs Lemaire

Senior Financial Controller - Non Profit Feminist Activism
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