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Utilus clients depend on their software systems to manage and operate their primary processes. Over time, these systems become more and more complex, because features, technologies and interfaces are added. Utilus help eliminate the complexity and simplify the software systems. To do this they have developed a two step process. 1. Pathfinding, in which they design a simplified solution, make one or more prototypes, and test the result in practice. Once both Utilus and the client are convinced, they move to step 2. Execution. Where they engineer, develop and operate the designed solution. They design, manage and execute the renewal process.

Job description

Because Utilus Pathfinding practice is growing rapidly, they are looking for a Senior Management Consultant Pathfinding.

As a Pathfinding consultant you lead a team of Solution Architects, Prototype Developers, UX Designers and DevOps experts to find a path out of the “legacy” software the client has and into a simplified, cloud-native, efficient and adaptable system. You work closely with both the end-users of the system as well as with the management team of the client. During the execution phase you will occasionally act as a project manager for a limited time.

Utilus put a high premium on creativity, as none of their engagements are standard: every situation is different and finding an optimal solution is a multi-dimensional challenge. The solutions they design are constrained by what works best for that particular client, for a specific budget. They do not have a pre-set solution based on a particular technology, cloud-provider, or framework. They do have deep knowledge of a diverse set of technologies, both within the company and within their extended network of partners.

Utilus is looking for a full-time employee, but they are willing to discuss other options, from part-time to contracting. This position is on an equity-partnership track, meaning that they will offer you an ownership stake if certain development goals are met. They offer highly competitive salaries and a start-up work environment in a small but fast growing team. Utilus is based in Amsterdam, but work from anywhere.


We are looking for a management consultant with experience in software projects. A formal technical background is as demonstrated by an M.Sc. degree is a plus. Primary activities are solution design, project management and consulting with clients at a management level. You have at least 8 years experience creating proposals and budgets and selling those to various stakeholders within our clients’ organisation. The ideal candidate is a native Dutch speaker, and has excellent command of English too.

Company description

Utilus design, develops and executes simplified IT solutions. They work closely with their clients to understand their business, their process and then help them eliminate complexity. They do this by defining and executing individual change projects and continuously running the operation. After each project things are simpler, so that a subsequent project becomes easier and faster to execute.

Utilus pride themselves on their quality focus and predictability.

Clients include Nederlandse Loterij, GGD Nederland, DuraVermeer, Leger des Heils, Rainbow Alliance, Therapieland, Eneco and other organisations willing to make a change.






Matthijs Lemaire

Senior Management Consultant Pathfinding - IT Solutions
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